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AV CONFERENCING has been specializing in the design, installation, sales and rental of the audio conferencing, video conferencing and presentation systems since 1989.

AV CONFERENCING (AVC) provides clients with complete solutions for their conferencing applications.  We provide complete integrated solutions, rental solutions and support services for new and existing systems.

Integrated Solutions  (TOP) AVC utilizes leading edge technology and design principles in providing conferencing solutions from the basic conference room to multi-application executive boardrooms and training centers.

Integrated solutions can include defining a system scope, engineering, design specifications, installation of hardware, system training and on-going contact support.   

AVC will work with clients and facility personnel as a liaison to architects and general contractors.

Rental Solutions  (TOP)
AVC provides audio conferencing, public address, presentation, and video conferencing rental services at the location of the clients choice - office, hotel, conference or convention facility.

Rental applications can include microphones, loudspeakers, projectors, screens, computers, laser pointers, video cameras, recorders, technicians or any other presentation equipment need.

Equipment Solutions  (TOP) AVC represents manufacturers with leading edge technology for audio conferencing, video conferencing and presentation applications.  Equipment is available on a per item basis, or as part of an integrated system solution. (Integrated Solutions)
Available products include:

Support Services (TOP)
AVC provides an array of project services for new or existing applications.

Contact Us (TOP)
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        Phone:  925.216.6319
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